Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

This post deserves some hefty serving of cheese! All for the Birthday boy!

For a few years, I've actually been a little sad that I couldn't give you a material gift, like something you like to have, like a guitar, or a new gadget. For the 7 years I've known you, I have only given you two passable material gifts. The very first one was a Cellphone (the Motorola one from Yo) and a RayBan shades when I was working in Ad Sales. All the other years I just gave you letters, cheap shirts, breakfasts. I know material things aren't everything, but just wanna give the best to you, coz you always give the best to me.  So this year, I must admit I felt a little guilty again for not having the money to buy you the things you want. I know for all your life, you seldom get to buy what you really want for yourself. Dibale, things will change soon. :)

So for now, here's a little something something from us to you.
Nothing much really, but I hope somehow it'll make you smile. :)

PS. Sorry for the gutay gutat shirt, and the no makeup no ayos look. I wasn't supposed to be on this, just the kids, but Mikel insisted that I should...and then Lucas was being cute. So had to post it na.

Anyway, here it is for everyone to see how squatter-like I dress at home. haha!
Happy Birthday my Sweetie! Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My 5-yr-old's New Haircut

Kiefer Ravena-Style. haha!
Isn't he the cutest? :-)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Project "No-Shouting"

I chanced upon this blog post: The Orange Rhino when I was checking facebook tonight.

Lately I've been shouting at my kids to make them listen to me.
I tell you, It doesn't work. But I do it anyway. Why? You ask.
Believe me, I really don't want to, and I feel so guilty after.
I think, when I'm frustrated and stressed, I just explode. Anger Management anyone? haha!

But seriously, I've been wanting to stop shouting for a while. It's just so hard when my kids are pushing my buttons most of the time.

I know that shouting is bad. It doesn't work. It makes my kid shout to get what he wants too.


I challenge myself NOT to shout for at least a year.


At least 365 days.

Better if I can keep it up forever.

I might go crazy, so I thought maybe I should make a blog dedicated to just the Project "No-Shouting".
Everyday, I will post my progress. I will also post my frustrations instead of shouting what I want to say to my kids.

I think it's a great idea.

Wish me luck!

BTW, you can find my Project No-Shouting Blog HERE (Not like you'd want to read posts about my frustrations and boring progress haha)