Thursday, July 18, 2013

my 6-year-old's work of art - Superman comics

My son Mikel really likes to draw. Whenever he's just home you will either see him with a pencil and paper, with his Megasketcher or his Nintendo DS playing Drawn to Life (if it's weekend-coz that's the only time he can play electronic games).

When we bought Tender Juicy's cheesedog, it came free with a small Superman notebook. Mikel was so happy coz of his new mini notebook. He also just watched a Superman cartoon DVD that's why he was so excited. Later that day, he told me that he made a book about Superman.
My hubby found out about it and he had an idea to make it into a comic book.
So he used the ComicBook! app from his ipod touch to make it happen.

Here's a preview of their work:

For their complete work CLICK HERE

Next project - Monsters University :)