Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lead in Lipsticks?

 Saw this message in one of my facebook friend's profile:

Posted by Dr. Claudia Pirisi, Oncologist.

Do not forget to pass this message to their wives, girlfriends, friends or colleagues.

WOMEN: Lip Care for using!

Dr. Elizabeth Ayoub, biomolecular and medical is issued an alert for lipsticks containing lead, which is a carcinogen.
Recently the brand 'Red Earth' decreased prices of R $ 67.00 to R $ 9.90!
Why? Because it contained lead.
The brands that contain lead are:
RED EARTH (Lip Gloss)
CHANEL (Lip Conditioner)
The higher the lead content, the greater the risk of causing cancer. After doing a test on lipsticks, lip was observed in the highest level of lead AVON. Care for those lipsticks which are supposed to have greater fixation. If your lipstick is fixed but is due to high levels of lead.
Take this test:
1. Put some lipstick on your hand;
2. With a gold ring on this lipstick pass it;
3. If the lipstick color changes to black, then you know that contains lead.

Please send this information to all your friends. to SHARE!!

I have been buying some cheap lipsticks for some time now. Decided to try it out just for curiousity.

Here are the results:

So far all my cheap lipstick brands changed to black. All my expensive ones didn't. I also checked loreal and another estee lauder, both did not change color.

I don't know whether to believe this or not. Pia sent me a link about it being a myth. Read about it HERE.
They say that the email/message has been going on since 2003, and that the FDA knows about it. They also say you cannot test lead with the gold ring test. And that the lead found in lippy's isn't harmful to body.

If they say the "Gold Ring Test" isn't true, then why did the cheap lippys change in color when I rubbed them, and the expensive ones didn't.

True or not, I think it's best we all stay away from my cheap lipsticks. Maybe they are cheap for a reason? I also don't think it's best to buy imitation makeups from bazaars (like those cheap MAC makeups they sell in trunks of their cars. lol)

I do hope this is not true though.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Squash Soup

I used to love eating at my ex's house when his mom cooked my fave Squashroom soup (I guess squash and mushroom soup). I've been craving it for a long time already but couldn't get a hold of a recipe. I googled but all that came up was plain Squash soup. I thought I'd give it a try and turned out to be yum!


•Squash (maybe 1-2cups? Suck at measuring, just see pic for
•1 white onion
•knorr cube (i used pork, but can use any)
•nestle all purpose cream
•water 1 cup
•ground black pepper
•cumin powder
•cayenne pepper (optional)

Cut kalabasa into cubes. Chop onion. Put them both into the pan with water (just enough water to submerge them)and boil til kalabasas are soft.
When soft, put all into blender, and blend til no more lumps.
Put back into pan and heat in low-med heat. Mix in cream. You can add more water to get the consistency you like (but I didn't add this time).
Add the pork cube, a few pinches of cumin powder, dash of pepper and a dash of cayenne pepper for some kick.

BTW, I tried using campbell's mushroom soup instead of cream before but it taste nothing like the squashroom soup I used to eat. But tastes good, if you guys want to try that too.

Anyway, This has been one of our staple dishes at home. Even my two boys love it. Goes best with pan fried porkchops  or pork tapa.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Garlicky Pork Tenderloin

My mom makes the yummiest Salpicao. This is more or less how she makes it except she uses real garlic. I use garlic powder, coz I'm lazy like that. Lol


500grams pork tenderloin
5 tbsp knorr seasoning
1 tbsp worcestershire sauce
1/4 tbsp black pepper
1/4 cup star margarine garlic flavor (I used regular butter and mixed in some garlic powder)

1. Marinade the pork in knorr, worcestershire and pepper for 5 minutes.

2. Drain meat. Reserve the marinade.

3. Fry meat in garlic butter until golden brown.

4. Add in marinade and cook for one more minute.


So easy, right? :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Thousand Years, a Vday Video.

So this is my husband's gift for me this Valentine's Day.
As you may have read in my previous post, I thought I wouldn't get anything special from anyone this love season. Oh I was wrong! This came a day late coz he had a hard time uploading in Facebook. So he finally just showed me the raw video. I was the one who resized and posted them on facebook Haha!

This is the Final video (but not so good Audio and Resolution coz he used his friends webcam to record this)

This is one of his practice vids (great sound and resolution, used an iPod Touch 5, but song not complete)

Hope you enjoyed it like I did! Haha!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Grand Gestures

It wasn't much of a Love Day for me this Valentines Day.

I'm not too disappointed though. I don't really care that much anymore. Unlike years back, when I really EXPECT for my boyfriend/hubby to do something grand for me. Now, it would be nice to get a nice sweet message on facebook, maybe even cheap flowers (even the type you just pick out of the garden).

This year I didn't get anything from my hubby. He actually gives me roses most occasions. This time, I think we're low on cash and flowers are expensive this special day.

No one to take care of the kids too, so we cannot go out on a couple date. We had lunch at Chowking with the kids instead. Why Chowking? It's the only restaurant (well, fastfood really)  walking distance to our place. We were so lazy to go to a mall coz of all the bags and kids we need to carry.

And that didn't go too well. Before we left to eat, Mikel gave us a very hard time. As usual he wasn't listening and made everyone really mad.

In awhile, my hubby and I will be watching a dvd (Argo) just to spend some time together. We're making our kids sleep. He's with Mikel. I'm with Lucas.I have been making Lucas sleep for almost 2 hours now! and he still won't! it's actually frustrating, that's why I decided to blog.

So much for a stress free love day.

Oh, reason I don't really care THAT much for grand gestures on vday? coz I know and am SURE that my hubby LOVES me unconditionally.

who am I kidding? EVERYONE loves GRAND GESTURES! Haha!

UPDATE: Turns out My Hubby really has something for me for Valentines Day. He woke up early that day and recorded himself singing and playing the guitar for me. He had a hard time uploading it so still haven't seen the final video. He showed me his outtakes just now. So sweet! Turns out he's been practicing and memorizing the song for a couple of days. When I get the final video, I will try to share to all of you guys!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pinterest's Famous Microwave Brownie

Been browsing through Pinterest for quite some time now. Everytime I do, I get so productive and energized. I think Pinterest is good for me.

So this morning, I finally decided to make this Microwave Brownie in a Mug I keep on seeing on my Pinterest Board. I had all the ingredients here at home, so why not.

It's a 2 minute brownie. 1 minute for prep time and 1 minute to cook (in the microwave).

1/4 cup flour
1/4 cup brown sugar (I used white though, coz that's what I had here).
2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
Pinch of Salt
2 tbsp Canola oil
2 tbsp Coffee, milk or water (I used water coz was too lazy to make coffee. Maybe next time I will try).

In a heatproof mug, stir all dry ingredients until fully mixed together.
Stir in oil and milk/coffee or water until you have a thick paste.
Put in microwave and heat for 1 minute. They say the heat of the microwave vary so maybe if you like you can check after 30secs if you suspect that you have a higher temp microwave.

It turns out a little gooey in the middle, but I like my brownie that way.

I actually accidentally put in too much cocoa in mine. But still yummy, a little rich because of the excess cocoa I put. Next time gotta remember to do it right so it'll be yummier.

Hmm, I think this is bad for my diet. Therefore, Pinterest may not be totally good for me! Haha!

Til next post!


Saturday, February 9, 2013


I'd like to call this week STRESS Week.

Mikel (my eldest son) has really been pushing my buttons. I hate to admit to everyone that I have been shouting at him these past couple of days. I know it's not the way to make him listen to me, but if I don't I feel I'm gonna explode from anger.

I really just have one MAJOR problem with him. HE DOESN'T LISTEN!

First, I say it nicely. NOTHING.
Then, I say it with a commanding voice. NADA.
Then I start counting. STILL NOTHING.
I freak out and shout. NOTHING.

It's like I'm not talking to anyone. It's so frustrating.

Other problems I have with him is that he whines all the time and he eats sooo slow.

As of this very moment, he is on the dinner table eating his "lunch" (it's 3:30pm here). He's there since the time he woke up. He started eating breakfast at 9am. ended (gave up) around 12nn. 1pm made him eat his lunch, and he is still there! not even remotely done. I had to get away, or else I might shout at him again. It's embarrassing for both of us coz there are people over (It's my sis-in-law's birthday.

I don't know what else to do.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Friends. I miss.

When I see girl bestfriends post messages for each other in facebook or post pictures on what they did during the weekend, I get a little jealous that I don't have one (or so I think). It would be nice to have someone to be silly and crazy with even when you're already married and with kids.
I think my husband is tired of hearing me say that I envy that he has friends, and I don't. So emo. I know. I can't help but feel it though. I normally spend my days and nights just here at home.
I have friends, yeah, but friends I see once every 6 months probably. Not someone who knows my every day problems. I don't really blame them, I kind of find ways to push them away. I feel I have problems with intimacy(?) or showing affections(?). Sometimes I just want to be alone, and I unconsciously push my friends away. I think I should do my part in saving and keeping a friendship more.

A college friend called me tonight (one of my bestfriends actually). She's in another country now. I miss her, and I wish she lived closer here. In fact years back, when she was still here in the Philippines, she didn't live near my house. But out of all my friends, she was/is the one who stuck with me. We don't spend everyday together. We don't hang out. We actually just call each other when we're at our lowest. But it still feels good that when we're down, we still have each other to lean on.

But I still miss having friends that you can call to come over anytime.

So emo today. Til the next post..

Saturday, February 2, 2013

No Meat Monggo

My lazy style Munggo.


1.) Munggo

2.) onion

3.) garlic

4.) tomato

5.) salt and pepper

6.) malunggay leaves

7.) pork cubes

First, I wash and boil the Munggo.
As soon as I put it in stove, I gisa my onion, garlic, tomato. Then, put it in the boiling Munggo. I put one knorr pork cube. Wait for munggo to be cooked. Then add malunggay leaves. Salt and pepper to taste

Til the next kitchen diaries...

First Jog in 2013


Since my birthday was yesterday, decided that I need to rebirth my ways. Haha!

I've been so lazy and out of sorts the whole January. Got to pull it together!

So I woke up earlier than usual and jogged around the block. Haven't done that for months now (see, I'm really not a sporty type. I can't even jump a decent jump, and I run funny. Lol). I was super TIRED! Had to drag my body to finish the last lap. And I ran so SLOW! Anyway, tomorrow I hope I can drag myself out of bed again.

Wish me luck!

Ciao for now!

Wine like Cougar Town

I'm having red wine tonight, on my 28th birthday.

I never liked the taste of it. My poison of choice before was tequila, vodka or beer.
Now, I'm getting old and I cannot handle hard drinks anymore. I also have hypertension now, so I really got to watch what I'm eating/drinking.

I still don't truly like the taste of wine but I love the buzz it gives me! I also love that it's healthy. Well, a lot healthier than beer.

After I watched Cougar Town, I kinda want to drink at least a glass of wine everyday, but I don't think my hubby will agree. Haha!

 Ciao for now!

Friday, February 1, 2013

SamboKojin Birthday Lunch

For my birthday lunch, hubby and I ate in SamboKojin Southmall. We both loved it! I loved the Bulgogi, he loved all the sushi/sashimi. We'll definitely be coming back! Worth it!
I don't like their desserts though. Eclairs were too nutty and makunat. The banana cream one was too sweet. Only dessert I loved was the gummybears which was really intended for icecream topping. It wasn't a deal breaker though coz food was awesome! Service was great too!

After lunch, we walked a bit around the mall. A little calorieburn after all the food! Then hubby bought me flat shoes and slippers from herbench

Gray Flats from HerBench. only 399php.


My hobbit toes and HerBench slippers 129php

Later we'll be having wine. Blog soon! Ciao!