The Blogger

Let's start with the basics.

My name is Cara.
I am 28, but 24 by heart.
Married with 2 kids, both boys.
Mikel is 6. Lucas is almost 2.
Husband is awesomely loving.
We're human.
We live in the Philippines. Specifically in a 3 BR Orange (Sometimes looks Pink) house in the south of the Metro.

I am an Aquarius.
I'm borderline crazy/weird.
I get my craziness from my mother's family side. I get my weirdness from my father's family side.
My husband helps me be normal.
I'd like to think I'm original, but aren't we all.

I am currently just at home. I cook, clean (when I feel like it. lol), and take care of my kids.
I do miss going out of the house whenever I want to, and I don't mean clubs or night life. I'm over that (eventhough I don't think I even started haha).
I mean just go to a coffee shop and people-watch. Be creepy stalkerish. My fave past-time. Haha!
or take a trip to a beach, alone.

I am not artsy (but fans of my photoshop trips think otherwise).
My 6 year old son draws better than me!
I am not athletic.
I suck at anything sporty.
I can't even run properly.
I'd like to think I'm a social butterly, but my social awkwardness catches up to me most times.
My mind is pressured to think of convo starters to say to people I just met, and I end up saying the most absurd things.

I used to smoke cigs, highschool, college, and early working days, but quit 2 years ago. BEST DECISION EVER.
I could never quit drinking though, but I just want a steady drinking night, not anymore drink-til-you-drop kind of night.
I actually prefer drinking alone, than with people I can't have a decent conversation with.
Used to like hard drinks. Now, light beer. And, starting to like wine too. Man, I'm getting old!

Since I had kids, I don't see or talk to my friends that often anymore. I kinda miss them. People grow apart I guess. I'm too tired and old to exert effort to make new friends, that's why I'm blogging instead. Haha!

That's it for now.

I'm currently learning to speak Spanish. Hit me up if you can help! Gracias!