Wednesday, June 24, 2020

I am weird/corny/boring.

So, here I am, after so many years... Times have changed. Now, instead of blogs, people do Vlogs. Instead of just reviewing a game of a movie like before thru text on a blog, everything is on video!

I have been so busy with my life that it all just passed me. I used to love social media and the internet (well I still do!) but life happened. Adulting happened. I was to busy working, then being a mommy, so my little time that I have for myself, I choose to just be (Anything that don't require thinking of most of my energy, like for example watching Netflix). To be honest watching Netflix sometimes take too much energy for me that I just want to just sit with a cup of coffee or tea and just be by myself in my thoughts (when you're a mommy, you barely get the time to just listen to your thoughts, there's noise all the time "beautiful" noise from my kids. hehe).

With this pandemic happening, I get to work at home, which means a little more time and energy on my hands. There is still a lot of noise. Like a lot. Everyone is at home. ALL THE TIME! There is also a looot of stress. Stress from work. Stress from the internet connection. Stress because we cannot go out and relax and have fun.

When I am stressed, I buy! So at the start of this quarantine my bestfriends were Lazada and Shopee and a few other shopping sites. I bought so much so just imagine how much stress I was in. hehe. Anyway, I impulsively bought a laptop. Which I did not really need since I do most of my social media/interneting on my Smart phone. I am not regretting buying the laptop though. I missed typing on an actual keyboard. I missed the "I-am-so-techy" feel.  Bought the whole, "I-am-so-techy"pack (Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth mouse, External Harddrive, and a bunch of other small stuff).

Now that I have a laptop, maybe I should do something productive with it. I thought about joining the Vlogging wagon, but I just can't with my personality. I would just be more stressed with it. Thinking if people would think I look weird, I talk weird, I say weird stuff etc. Downside of anxiety. hehe.
Blogging is different though. You can just type your thoughts away. Doesn't matter if people would think you're weird or corny or boring. I do this for myself so I can look back some day on the weird/boring/corny things I was up to. lol.

So there.

Maybe I should look into other Work-at-Home part-time jobs out there?

For now, here I am. On my blog, again.

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