Friday, March 29, 2013

Baked Mussels


Since it's Holyweek (seafood only diet), My husband came home from work early morning with Mussels or Tahong for me to cook. Thing is, I've never cooked it before, and have no idea how to.

I immediately googled "how-to's" and asked for help from my facebook friends.

Decided to make Baked Tahong. The one like I used to eat in San Mig Pub when I was little (although in San Mig it's clams not mussels). It was the perfect one to do coz most stores are closed today and I had to make do with what is here. Although I did have to buy butter and cheese in 711. Luckily I had garlic and/or garlic powder here.

So here's how I did it:

•1 kilo mussels
•Half a bar of butter
•Garlic powder or finely chopped garlic
•quickmelt cheese

I soaked the mussels in water for hours (from 8am til about 11). Occasionally changing the water.

I then pulled out all the hair (or whatever you call it) that I can see.

I put the mussels in a pot of water and boiled til it opened (Surprisingly didn't take a long time).

I strained the water out and took out the other shell of the tahong. Making it like "open-faced".

I made my butter-garlic sauce. Melted butter (I used more or less half a bar for a kilo of mussels). Melted the butter by hand. I mixed in some garlic powder to the butter. In another batch, instead of garlic powder, I used fresh finely chopped garlic instead (coz I ran out of the powder).

I put the butter-garlic sauce on the shell bed. Then I put a small slice of quickmelt cheese on top. (I was thinking of grating the cheese at first, but changed my mind coz wanted it to be thicker)

Now off to the oven!
I used my electric oven coz the batch I tried cooking in my gas oven didn't come out as I wanted. Some overcooked, some just right (di pantay yung heat niya).
Anyway, I turn the dial to the highest heat and just peeked through the glass to see if the cheese are browned and melted perfectly. Probably around 10-15mins.

Then slurp away! Best as pulutan!

Special thanks to my mom who saw my first batch and said it needed to be cooked some more. She was right! It's much better if the cheese is a little browned on top.

This was my first batch, but had to put it back in the oven coz needed to be cooked more.



Til my next Kitchen Adventure!