Friday, March 6, 2015

the girl and the boy.

Once there was this girl. She was excited for an adventure of a lifetime. She had dreams of seeing the world. She had dreams of experiencing all things new.

She then met a boy. A boy who told wonderful stories. The stories amazed her. He amazed her.

She wanted a life worth writing a story about and this boy seemed like the perfect knight in shining armor. He was responsible, interesting, tall, dark, handsome and seemed to know everything!
She imagined going on all the adventures with him. It excited her all the more to go on an adventure with this wonderful boy.

She then dreamed of a family (which wasn't really part of her plan - not that she had a plan of some sort). She was excited about him and her and mini them's bouncing and flying around on their mini adventures.

Everything was perfect in her imagination... but...

This boy wanted a white picket fenced house in the suburbs, and  maybe a mini-van. He wanted a house with state of the art locks and alarms.

He wanted safe.

The same locks that made him feel safe are the same locks that made her feel trapped.
The same adventures that made her feel alive made him feel scared.

Anyway, time passed, the girl loved the house with the locks and the alarms and the picket fence.
There was a comfy bed and nice furnitures. The boy gave her all that money can buy. Scrumptous food on the table, linens, clothes. They were happy.....

but not for long...

The girl still had the feeling that something was missing. She missed the adventures.

She blamed the boy for her sadness.

She doesn't want to be sad. She wanted to be happy in the house with the boy she loved and their mini-me's.

The more she pretended that the house was enough for her, the more she grew farther from the boy.

You see, the girl never got her adventure, and she lost the boy. This wasn't a fairytale......

Maybe a fairy god mother or some magic dust could reset time and the girl could've lived happily ever after with her knight in shining armor in their white picket fenced house with double locks and alarms and having adventures with their kids every weekends.

If only.

-The End-

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

a big difference.

Me in both photos (1 year ago and today)

A big difference a year can make.
A year ago, I was weaker. I was more insecure.
Now I am stronger, more confident, and more beautiful.

I am constantly changing and continuously improving.
Here's to a better me!

Monday, February 3, 2014

1 year til 30

I turned 29 a couple of days ago. It was the first time (in 29 years) that I woke up feeling old.
I am old in paper (maybe a little in appearance haha) but young in experiences, and that's what bums me out. My years are numbered. I haven't experienced much. Well, I have experienced heartaches and hearbreaks..crazy college party birth (twice) and all the craziness that comes after birth like actually taking care of someone else from washing poop and vomit, rocking to sleep, pacifying all the crying and shouting, sleepless nights and days..and much more haha! But is it enough? Can I confidently say that I can die right now and I wouldn't have any regrets?! I don't think so! Far from it! I need to see the world! Experience the world! I don't even know how to drive a car or ride a bike! How the hell am I supposed to get myself to places?! Haha!
So, with this post, I start my project 30.
Details soon. Maybe in next post. I'm late for work haha!



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