Sunday, February 24, 2013

Squash Soup

I used to love eating at my ex's house when his mom cooked my fave Squashroom soup (I guess squash and mushroom soup). I've been craving it for a long time already but couldn't get a hold of a recipe. I googled but all that came up was plain Squash soup. I thought I'd give it a try and turned out to be yum!


•Squash (maybe 1-2cups? Suck at measuring, just see pic for
•1 white onion
•knorr cube (i used pork, but can use any)
•nestle all purpose cream
•water 1 cup
•ground black pepper
•cumin powder
•cayenne pepper (optional)

Cut kalabasa into cubes. Chop onion. Put them both into the pan with water (just enough water to submerge them)and boil til kalabasas are soft.
When soft, put all into blender, and blend til no more lumps.
Put back into pan and heat in low-med heat. Mix in cream. You can add more water to get the consistency you like (but I didn't add this time).
Add the pork cube, a few pinches of cumin powder, dash of pepper and a dash of cayenne pepper for some kick.

BTW, I tried using campbell's mushroom soup instead of cream before but it taste nothing like the squashroom soup I used to eat. But tastes good, if you guys want to try that too.

Anyway, This has been one of our staple dishes at home. Even my two boys love it. Goes best with pan fried porkchops  or pork tapa.