Thursday, February 14, 2013

Grand Gestures

It wasn't much of a Love Day for me this Valentines Day.

I'm not too disappointed though. I don't really care that much anymore. Unlike years back, when I really EXPECT for my boyfriend/hubby to do something grand for me. Now, it would be nice to get a nice sweet message on facebook, maybe even cheap flowers (even the type you just pick out of the garden).

This year I didn't get anything from my hubby. He actually gives me roses most occasions. This time, I think we're low on cash and flowers are expensive this special day.

No one to take care of the kids too, so we cannot go out on a couple date. We had lunch at Chowking with the kids instead. Why Chowking? It's the only restaurant (well, fastfood really)  walking distance to our place. We were so lazy to go to a mall coz of all the bags and kids we need to carry.

And that didn't go too well. Before we left to eat, Mikel gave us a very hard time. As usual he wasn't listening and made everyone really mad.

In awhile, my hubby and I will be watching a dvd (Argo) just to spend some time together. We're making our kids sleep. He's with Mikel. I'm with Lucas.I have been making Lucas sleep for almost 2 hours now! and he still won't! it's actually frustrating, that's why I decided to blog.

So much for a stress free love day.

Oh, reason I don't really care THAT much for grand gestures on vday? coz I know and am SURE that my hubby LOVES me unconditionally.

who am I kidding? EVERYONE loves GRAND GESTURES! Haha!

UPDATE: Turns out My Hubby really has something for me for Valentines Day. He woke up early that day and recorded himself singing and playing the guitar for me. He had a hard time uploading it so still haven't seen the final video. He showed me his outtakes just now. So sweet! Turns out he's been practicing and memorizing the song for a couple of days. When I get the final video, I will try to share to all of you guys!

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