Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why I keep on gaining weight.

I can't count how many times I've posted/said that I'm going to exercise or diet to be healthy and to lose weight. I do it but end up stopping after a week or two.

I think I am at my biggest now. Ok maybe not my biggest but now I feel the most unhealthiest that I've ever felt. I'm tempted to post some pics but I'm embarrassed so nevermind.
I'll just take a pic and save it in my laptop. Maybe if I succeed in losing weight, then I'll share the difference to you guys. Maybe. Just for you to have an idea. I'm at 140lbs (sometimes 138) now and I'm 5'4. I think my ideal weight should be 120lbs. I was 115lbs before I got pregnant with my first child. Even thent I felt like I could use some weightloss. Lets face it, I have two kids now. That's a few pounds that I cannot lose. I don't plan to wear a bikini anyway. I do want to look nice for my husband though, if you get my drift.

A few months ago (almost a year maybe), I've been having headaches and sumisikip dibdib ko. I had a checkup with a cardiologist. They found nothing wrong with my heart (I had them checked because I had rheumatic heart disease when I was a kid), but my blood pressure was high and I also had high cholesterol. My doctor just advised me to lose weight.

So you see, it's not just because I physically want to look great, I also want to be healthy. I have been hearing people die young nowadays because of heart attacks. It scares me.

My biggest hurdle is my addition to Coke (not the illegal drug haha! I meant Coca-Cola). I have been drinking Coke ever since. Back in the day, my mom was also addicted that she would buy cases of Coca-colas and we'd drink it everytime we eat. It was like our water. In fact, I rarely drank water before. I'm surprised it hasn't killed me yet. LOL. I learned to drink water and lessen my coke when I was pregnant. It wasn't allowed eh. The hard part of it was my addiction to Coke came with an addiction to eating with coke. I mean when I crave for Coke, i crave for something to go with it. That's when my diet problem begins. It's a cycle that I am having a hard time getting out of. Well, I''ve done "no-Coke" for a few months before. I hope i can do it again, or rather more permanent.

I've got no problems with sweets though since I rarely crave for cakes, pastries etc. I am not into Chichirya as well. So the softdrinks is the only problem.

How am I with exercising? Uhmm, I don't. Haha. I am not athletic. I suck at any sport. I even run funny. I also can't jump high. Push-ups? Can't carry myself haha! I SUCK.

I did  Zumba a few months back. I loved it! Maybe I have a chance with dancing since I was part of PE Dance back in Elementary. Haha! Thing is, I get bored. I danced zumba everyday for a month. Then one day, i don't want to anymore. It became a chore.

Today, I got inspired with one of my friends. She lost so much in just 3 months. She looked great!
Maybe I'll try this losing weight thing again, and stick to it this time.

I will try Focus T25 by Shaun T next week. In the meantime, I might try Zumba again and watch what I eat (and drink).

Wish me luck (again)! Haha!

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