Thursday, July 18, 2013

my 6-year-old's work of art - Superman comics

My son Mikel really likes to draw. Whenever he's just home you will either see him with a pencil and paper, with his Megasketcher or his Nintendo DS playing Drawn to Life (if it's weekend-coz that's the only time he can play electronic games).

When we bought Tender Juicy's cheesedog, it came free with a small Superman notebook. Mikel was so happy coz of his new mini notebook. He also just watched a Superman cartoon DVD that's why he was so excited. Later that day, he told me that he made a book about Superman.
My hubby found out about it and he had an idea to make it into a comic book.
So he used the ComicBook! app from his ipod touch to make it happen.

Here's a preview of their work:

For their complete work CLICK HERE

Next project - Monsters University :)


Mitchteryosa said...

Wow! Great work! You must be so proud of him!

Janine Daquio said...

how cute. it's like a real comic book. hihi. :-) future course of him might be a fine art design or architecure.

Pepper Tan said...

Wow that's amazing. That app is a useful tool to enhance your son's creativity and imagination. My daughter loves to draw and make her own comics too, but we haven't tried an app like that. I'll go and check it out. Thanks :)

zwitsy said...

wow! it's so cute! i wish my baby could draw like that when he reaches the right age...