Thursday, January 31, 2013

Crispy Fried Chicken

First post to my "Kitchen Diaries" page.

I've decided to document my kitchen adventures because I am not so good at it haha! And I kinda want to see my progress.

So I've made my Crispy Fried Chicken also known as Everyone's favorite.

Chicken Drumsticks
Rock Salt
All-Purpose Flour
Garlic Powder
Iodized Salt

*I don't know the exact measurements coz I don't measure. I just put.

First, I season the chicken with a little salt.
Let it stand for 15-30mins.
Then, I mix together the All purpose flour, garlic powder, iodize salt and pepper into a bowl.
I then put the chicken one at a time in the bowl, to coat it with the batter.
Then, deepfry it in lowfire.

In the picture, the chicken was kinda overcooked. Coz I am afraid of blood in chicken! I absolutely hate it when I still see even a small amount of blood.

But all in all, I am still happy with the outcome (this is great coming from someone who once cooked hotdogs burnt on the outside,cold inside. I also f*cked up instant knorr Nido soup one time).

My family loved it, that's good enough for me ;)

Btw, any other tips in cooking fried chicken?

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